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About- TLM

TLM Associates, Inc. is a professional architectural, engineering and interior design firm that has been serving the Mid-South since 1964. The firm consists of registered, licensed professional architects, engineers and designers along with experienced design professionals and technical personnel specializing in architectural and engineering services.

TLM Associates, Inc. is headquartered in downtown Jackson, Tennessee. Our central location allows the firm to deliver professional services quickly throughout Middle and West Tennessee. Our professionals have the expertise to serve clients nationwide on projects of varying scales. TLM has been retained on projects ranging from $5,000 to $60 million in construction costs.

We take pride in the satisfaction of our clients and the long-term client relationships we have formed over the years. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that every project meets their expectations, and that they receive the highest quality service while staying within cost projections.

Our Commitment to You

Working as a Team

It is important to us at TLM that we work with our clients throughout the entirety of the project, which includes all phases of planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, including cost control. Our team consists of TLM staff, specialty sub-consultants, the owner’s representatives and any necessary, authorized regulatory agencies.

Meeting Client Needs

We believe that dedicated, personal service is the heart of our practice. Throughout the term of a project, appropriate TLM staffers (those with the most experience and expertise required for the project’s needs) will be personally involved on a day-to-day basis. Your satisfaction is important to us. When you’re pleased, we’re pleased.

Connecting with the Community

Hiring TLM Associates, Inc., as your architects and engineers means getting more than our professional training and experience. It means partnering with a company actively involved in professional organizations, so our knowledge constantly aligned with industry standards. It also means working with team players who are committed civic and charitable organizations that enrich the West Tennessee community.

LEED Accredited

TLM Associates, Inc. also has a team of LEED Accredited Professionals in architecture and civil engineering who can work with organizations or municipalities to design sustainable buildings and sites. LEED certified buildings reduce energy and maintenance costs, which increases the owner’s return on investment.


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