Benton County Electric Show Details

Camden, Tennessee

  • Design Team:

  • Architect: Jerry Hartsfield
  • Structural Engineer: Adam November, PE
  • Interior Designer: Lisa Deaton, IIDA

  • Project Details:

TLM Associates, Inc. was selected by Benton County Electric System to design a new administrative building to replace a sixty-year-old building in Camden, TN. The new building is located on Highway 70, near their existing maintenance/warehouse facility. Benton Electric has 15,400 square feet situated on two floors. TLM designed new features for Benton, such as, customer service area/main lobby, offices, SCADA area, training room, conference room, board room, and other administrative spaces.

Benton Electric also wanted TLM to design a two-lane drive-thru for bill paying and customer service. The orientation of the building footprint put the large glass facades on the north corner. Energy efficiency was a high priority of the Electric System for this building. Benton County elected to use LED lighting, and highly efficient lighting fixtures were installed to keep the overall building lighting watt density below 1.0 watt/feet squared, while maintaining appropriate light levels. TLM also incorporated automatic occupancy sensor controls throughout to eliminate wasted energy usage. TLM installed a VAV-based system with a custom control solution so that Benton can monitor and administer remotely.