Humboldt Downtown Park Show Details

Humboldt, Tennessee
Project Type
LPRF Grant Funded
Completion Date
August 2009

  • Design Team:

  • Project Manager: Terry Drumwright, PE
  • Civil Engineer: Terry Drumwright, PE

  • Project Details:

Humboldt Downtown Park is a 500-square foot pocket park located at the intersection of West Main and Central Avenue. TLM was retained to assist with the grant application, budgeting, design, bidding, and construction administration. With the idea of creating an inviting entrance into the core of Humboldt’s downtown business area, TLM designed a park with a simple green space with benches, bronze monuments, and a timber and brick pergola in the rear providing some shaded area. The small park was developed in conjunction with a downtown enhancement project that included the installation of decorative mast arm traffic signals, pedestrian lighting, landscaping, and brick banding through downtown.