Martin Downtown Improvements Show Details

Martin, Tennessee
Project Type
Transportation Alternatives (TA) Grant Funded

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The multi-phased enhancement project targeted the core area of downtown Martin and served to enhance the character of downtown, create a pedestrian friendly environment, bring the sidewalks into ADA compliance, and help to spark private sector improvements in downtown. TLM Associates, Inc. was retained to provide preliminary engineering report, pre-design cost estimating, design, construction administration, construction observation, and closeout for this project.

Phase II of the enhancement project continued by providing a pedestrian connection to Virginia Weldon Park, City Hall, churches and commercial and residential districts of town. The replacement of curbs and sidewalks accented with brick pavers to blend with the historic downtown character. Street tree plantings were installed throughout the projects to soften the hardscapes created by concrete and asphalt pavement. Where possible a grass verge was added to provide for street trees, lighting, and separation between pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Existing street lights were reused with new matching lights added to fill in gaps, preventing dark or bright spots throughout the project areas.