Hollow Rock Water Treatment Plant Show Details

Hollow Rock, Tennessee
Project Type
CDBG Grant Funded
Completion Date

  • Design Team:

  • Project Manager: Randy McKinnon, PE

  • Project Details:

TLM Associates was selected by the Town of Hollow Rock to provide design, construction inspection, and contract administration services for construction of a new water treatment plant. TLM provided design and technical assistance required during the submittal of multiple grant applications utilized to fund the project in addition to construction oversight and administration through the grant process. The project included two new raw water supply wells, construction of a new treatment plant, and an under-ground concrete clear water well. The water plant replaced an antiquated and unreliable treatment system and was designed to produce 700 gallons per minute. The project included the construction of a new raw water supply well and the refurbishment of the elevated water storage tank. The new plant provides a reliable source of clean water through automated control and monitoring.