Parsons Waterline & Intake Show Details

Parsons, Tennessee
Completion Date

  • Design Team:

  • Randy McKinnon, P.E.
  • Travis Martin, E.I.

  • Project Details:

TLM Associates, Inc. was retained to provide preliminary engineering, pre-design cost estimating, hydraulic analysis, design, construction administration, construction observation, and closeout for this project.

A new raw water supply was necessary for the Parsons Water System to provide consistent and reliable, potable water to their citizens. The system's existing intake was located on the Beech River and was proven to be inadequate and of inconsistent quality. The presence of surfactants and trace elements made water treatment difficult and expensive. The best solution for the City of Parsons was to develop a raw water intake on the Tennessee River. Moving the intake to the Tennessee River not only provided a safe and reliable water supply that could support both current and future customers, but it also increased consumer confidence in the Parsons water system.

The components of this project included a new, raw water pump station located on the bank of the Tennessee River with four 150-hp pumps rated at 1200 gallons per minute, 32,000 feet of 24-inch and 18-inch water supply lines, and monitoring improvements at the existing water treatment plant. The main pump station is monitored and controlled through a radio telemetry system over seven miles away. Completion of the project dramatically decreased treatment costs and has allowed the city to expand its customer base into surrounding communities.